Wellness Subscription Boxes for Your Mind, Body & Soul


SoulfulSelf was created with the purpose of promoting solidarity by including Black and Brown women in the wellness space we’ve traditionally been excluded from. Co-Founders Michelle and Kareemah met in the workplace and quickly became the go-to women for knowledge about spiritual and wellness products and practices. This birthed the idea of creating a wellness subscription box to bring wellness into the comfort of peoples’ homes. Many of our favorite spiritual and wellness practices such as yoga, meditation and sound healing originate from communities of color. Wellness is our birthright. SoulfulSelf provides tools for holistic healing and self-care and we strive to push our community closer to liberation and personal freedom. Our mission is to empower and inspire women of color to honor their spirituality, embrace their inner beauty and awaken their authentic, soulful selves.


Michelle’s Story: 

My purpose is to inspire every little girl who looks like me to dream big & remember that they can achieve whatever they believe. I've always been an ambitious go-getter working full time in production and throughout my career I've recognized the importance of putting my self-care first in order to show up as the best version of myself. SoulfulSelf has helped me share my passion for spiritual growth, self-care and the benefits of embracing your soulful self with women who share my experiences. We are all capable of reaching our full potential when we live in our power and authentic truth. I’ve been able to remain balanced through meditation, crystal healing, shadow work, mindfulness practices and a devotion to self-love. My goal is to share these gifts with others. We are all souls living in bodies and when we recognize this we create power within us to live our best lives. We are worthy of peace, joy and wellness and SoulfulSelf was created with that in mind.


Kareemah’s Story:

Since childhood I’ve always received joy from helping people and supporting my community. As an individual who has been blessed with receiving love and joy, it’s my life calling to put that energy back into the world. I’ve personally experienced how transformative it can be having a full cup through wellness practices such as mindfulness, yoga, clean eating, meditation, and more. Additionally, I’ve seen the tremendous benefits of using holistic beauty products throughout my childhood and into adulthood. Black and Brown women deserve to be poured into and deserve a wellness centered life. SoulfulSelf is that safe space for women of color to breathe easy.