Wellness Subscription Boxes for Your Mind, Body & Soul

SoulfulSelf empowers and inspires Women of Color to honor their spirituality, embrace their inner beauty and awaken their authentic, soulful selves. Put yourself first with our mindfully curated themed wellness boxes. 

For Us by Us

We feature and support businesses owned by Black Women and People of Color from around the globe.  

Put Yourself First

You work hard and you deserve to put your wellness and self-care first. 

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All SoulfulSelf boxes are mindfully curated with 4 or more high quality spiritual wellness products. 

I received my box today. I saw you all back in November and waited and didn't order in time and the December boxes sold out. This time...I made sure to place my order early for this box. Well...I am in love the products are amazing and the value for the money spent is also amazing. I am so excited to try all of the products and soooo very thankful for this service.


Omg!! This Box! I’m so happy! SoulfulSelf did such an amazing job putting these products together!! Thank you for opportunities to put ourselves first in the midst of the hustle. We deserve time to pour back into our cups and your boxes and events make it possible. My heart is filled with so much gratitude and joy.


Your June box is amazing. YES to this plant! YAS to my body butter with the new packaging. YES to this lip scrub! Eucalyptus at that? Come on. Also, I have no idea how you guys find the candle companies you work with bc all of them are literally amazing. First of all, my nightly routine has been that body scrub I purchased, that body butter I love so much plus the oil that was in another box, which I'm gonna have to repurchase soon. SoulfulSelf is putting me ON. Seriously, seriously. I have genuinely enjoyed each and every product I have received, and I have gone out of my way to repurchase several things.


I love getting this box every 2 months! Of course the February box was my favorite since my Cocoa Bombs were featured!! The amount of positive reviews that I received were amazing and I owe it all to the makers of the SoulfulSelf box. I am using every product currently. That body oil this month is the best!!!!


Thank you for providing a way to support and learn more about the Black owned businesses featured in your boxes! The quality is absolutely amazing, can't wait for my next Box.


I'm loving this February box. The rose candle smells amazing without even having to light it. The oil is amazing too! I also loved the scrub you had in the December box so much that I used the oil from February's box to make a sugar scrub. I'm obsessed with these boxes!


I love that little card that you included in the Dec box for all of the items to journal while you're meditating. After I meditate and do Reiki on myself then I pick one of the items and write it down. It's good to get it out on paper. Great job!


You killed it with the October box! Literally I'm already planning to order some of these products from the companies once I run out. The candle and body butter smell amazing. The soap is awesome I've never had anything like that. I can't wait to wear my bracelet, I'm wearing it everyday to work and putting the crystals in my pockets.


Always completely obsessed with each box I've received thus far! I'll think one was my favorite, then get the next and love it a little more! There are always the perfect products inside to remind myself to slow down, take care of my mind body + spirit, and just breathe.


SoulfulSelf Box Review